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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is your idea of Christian Fiction?

I recently fell into a heated discussion with friends over what is acceptable in Christian fiction. The image of the past has always been a "clean romance" with strong Christian principles, written for women over 50. Personally, I felt that was outdated and about as appealing as trying to get a kid to give up their computers and favorite television shows in favor of "The Andy Griffith Show" and "I Love Lucy" reruns.It might appeal to me, but how would I ever get my 20 year old daughter to give up vampires for love stories where the boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves boy, and they live happily ever after...after a few struggles (and interference from a troublemaker of course). A chic flick in written form.

Well that used to be my idea of basic Christian fiction...until recently. In today's world the limits are being tested. If it is popular in the secular world why can't it be popular in the Christian world as well?  After all, that is the dream many of us share as we develop our stories...we want readers from the secular world to like our work and find what we have already found.

That said, I am proud to say I have expanded my horizons. Don't get me wrong...I am still a HUGE fan of Mary Connealy's historical westerns, and always will be. No one can write a strong female character like she can, complete with a twisted sense of humor and lots of courage. She is the queen of clift-hangers, and you never want to stop until the last page is turned! Janice Thompson writes like a heart-warming 50's sit-com and I laugh so hard at her unique style. Loree Lough leaves a part of herself with you as you savor the thoughts presented to you challenging you to more...and she changed my life. But NOW we are hearing about the style that interests my younger friends...the supernatural, haunted houses, and ghosts!

This is where the discussion began...how do ghosts fit into Christian fiction? My personal stand was that I had been raised on Walt Disney, and "The Wizard Of Oz" so "Harry Potter" was not a threat to me. Some believe that reading these kind of books would drive a young child straight out to become Charlie Sheen, wearing a Warlock t-shirt and shouting at anyone who opposes him..."Winning!" Others believe that allowing ghosts in Christian fiction would be wrong because Jesus preached that you died and either went to Heaven or Hell immediately. I received e-mails proving both; that we stay dead until Jesus returns then we arise to meet him in the sky, AND that we die and immediately join Him in glory.  Both sides supported by scripture! The discussion evolved and people were discussing it several different places I was a part of...many with heated opinions.

Just as there are many different denominations out there, there are as many different opinions as well.  So today I would like to ask you....what do you think about Christian Sci-fi, Horror, speculative, and edgy genres? Would you read them? Remember "Chronicles of Narnia" also contained a witch, magic,  talking animals, etc. On my blog "ChristianFictionReview.wordpress.net" I am going to be reviewing some of these books in greater detail soon. It is still under construction right now.  Until then...add your opinion here, post a comment or share about your favorite "over the edge" book. And remember...don't fight!