I have met so many wonderful friends through books. Some are fictional, and some are flesh and bone friends...but all have made a difference in my life in one way or another. We all impact each other's lives. Sometimes it is by something you say that makes me think, and other times it is by a gesture or kindness. And yet other times it may be something that dug deeper, hurt my feelings, or made me sad. Still you made a difference. Through this blog I would like to introduce you to some people who have blessed me with their writing...and I hope you will be blessed as well!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do you enjoy the thrill of a bump in the night?

Do you love reading a book that brings chills to your spine as you read it in the night, with subtleties so gentle they sneak up and whisper in your ear and leave you dreaming about it long after you close your eyes? Something stirs in the haunted house on the hill...but it isn't just a haunting, it is more. Four teenagers decided to hold a harmless seance, or so three of them thought. One knew what he wanted. He wanted to summons a demon to do his bidding for him. What he got was a demon who needed blood for strength, and was fighting to enter the portal never finished. This demon was far greater than he could imagine, and was not going to be controlled by some teenage boy...or anyone else. The blood was spilt, the entity was alive and growing...and the four teenagers had no idea what they had done.  Don't let this sound too familiar because that is where other stories end...and the mind of Thomas Smith  begins to take it to new levels. The family who moves in to the house on the hill are so well written you believe you already know them, after all you may have met some of their friends, like Dean Koonz or Mike Dellosso before. The town is charming and the house is a dream, who wouldn't want to live there? That is until noises start, and the destruction begins, and things that go bump in the night take on a new life of their own. Do you like the kind of chiller that has the doll slowly turning her head to watch you while you aren't looking? Do you enjoy the page turning coolness of things creeping around in the night and shadows disappearing between the cracks in the floor? "
    "Something Sirs" by Thomas Smith is the newest release to join the ranks of heart stopping horror, and you will want to remember his name...because he is going to join the masters in his genre! I can see this becoming a movie complete with the haunting music that used to build the thrill in old time greats. Stop by http://ThomasSmithonline.com and get the latest news of his releases, and meet some of his friends. You can order your copy of "Something Stirs" today from Amazon.com I loved it!

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