I have met so many wonderful friends through books. Some are fictional, and some are flesh and bone friends...but all have made a difference in my life in one way or another. We all impact each other's lives. Sometimes it is by something you say that makes me think, and other times it is by a gesture or kindness. And yet other times it may be something that dug deeper, hurt my feelings, or made me sad. Still you made a difference. Through this blog I would like to introduce you to some people who have blessed me with their writing...and I hope you will be blessed as well!

Coffee or Tea?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How's that writing going?

     What do you mean you aren't done yet? Well, you are at least half way finished, right? (I'm laughing,  of course! I ever expected you to be that far along.) Did you pray before you started and allow God to bless you with all the words you needed? How'd that go for you? I sincerely hope it went better for you that for me. Somehow every time I do that it signals smoke signals to the opposition on the Horned One's side to bring on the warfare! Anything to keep me away from the keyboard...phones that keep ringing, kids with problems, bills not paid,  hey, who let the dog out??? Now where was I?
     Writing is a ministry, just as preaching, teaching, and missionary work.  If you do your job right, then you will leave your readers pondering the thoughts you planted in their minds long after that last page is finished. For some, it might mean making a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. For others it might be the catalyst to wake their spiritual life up and get them on fire again. I remember when I read "Love Finds You In Paradise, Pa." by Loree Lough, I talked about it to everyone for weeks. There was an element to the story that challenged what I was willing to do for Christ. Where was I drawing the line? At what would I, and what wouldn't I do to be more Christ-like?  Could I have the relationship with Jesus that Loree gave her characters in the book? Or would I stay within my comfort zone?
     This really upsets the enemy and he wants to distract us from finishing, at any cost. Just like tonight...my keyboard refuses to type every letter I hit and has decided to pick and choose the ones that will work. Of course I need to clean it, but it is frustrating none-the-less.
     That is all trivial in contrast to the things I have received prayer requests for this week.  E-mail after e-mail has come through to ask for prayer for some of the hardest times these people have ever had to go through. Some have faced death in their family, and others facing foreclosure and loosing their homes.  For me it has mean my youngest son going through the worst rebellion in his 19 years and moving out of my home. The enemy has done his homework and knows our Achilles Heel.  Husbands have lost their jobs, and children have faced health issues that threatened their lives. But the true writer keeps on typing....believing this is their ministry. One precious writer, Sandi Rog, continues to blog from her hospital room as she fights stage four cancer.  Now that is a precious child of God! My own trials seemed so small next to hers...I signed in my blog and prayed that God would help me get through this day.
     These are just a few of the things that you have to face as you dedicate your talent to God and choose to write for Him. Today, would you take just a few minutes to lift up everyone who has made that choice? I will return soon with an inspiring interview with Laurie Alice Eakes, and a recipe for her favorite dish! The week of July 11, watch for an interview with another favorite of mine Janice Hanna Thompson and her newest release "Love Finds You In Groom Texas" and her recipe for Chicken Fried Steak (Hey she is a Texas girl!)...

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